Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your Langley or Vancouver BC home is a versatile means of restoring and maintaining the beauty of your property. Regular removal of mold  mildew and algae will not only enhance the look of your home or business but prep areas for renovation and extend its life and value. Handyman BC offers excellence and precision in their approach to pressure washing. Complete pressure washing services for Langley, Cloverdale, Vancouver, Surrey & the Lower Mainland. Luck with play bonanza slot can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

Our trained technicians employ a variety of nozzles and agents (water, detergents, sand, dry ice, anti-mold/ antimicrobial  in order to implement specific pressure washing methods for every surface and environment. We also use state of the art equipment and whether you find mold  grime, dirt or mud on concrete, wood or brick we can take care of all your residential and commercial pressure washing needs in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Residential Pressure Washing in Langley and Lower Mainland

  • Pressure Washing: Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure Washing: Roofs
  • Pressure Washing: Siding
  • Pressure Washing: Driveways and sidewalks
  • Pressure Washing: Decks and fences
  • Pressure Washing: Mobile homes and RVs
  • Pressure Washing: Pools and patio furniture

Commercial Pressure Washing

  • Pressure Washing: Gas stations
  • Pressure Washing: Bank and restaurant drive thrus
  • Pressure Washing: Graffiti removal
  • Pressure Washing: Gum and stain removal
  • Pressure Washing: Underground parkades

Industrial Pressure Washing

  • Pressure Washing: Vehicle fleets
  • Pressure Washing: Warehouses and repair shops